I just love this course

Did I say that I love this course? I’m sure I did. I just can’t wait to do the next step. I know some steps may take longer than others. Part of the fun of doing this course is learning how to set everything up. Once I have finished this course which is 60 days long, or however long I actually take, I shall be an expert, or at least I will know more than I do now and will be ready to drive forward on my own. Considering I am a relative newbie, which is internet jargon for a beginner, this will be a great achievement.


OK, onwards. Our next step is to install WordPress; we achieve this through the CPanel from our D9 hosting. WordPress is the foundation for our blogs, and from the installed WordPress, we can now build and individualize our blogs. We will write our information pages and also write our blog posts. After spending some time reading through the settings and adjusting those that need adjusting, we are ready to move on.


The next step is to install any recommended plugins to optimize the blog. Once again, we are taught this in a step by step fashion; this takes away any stress you may be feeling at doing such a task. Plugins are programs that we install and activate into our blogs. They have different purposes, but each of them should enhance your blog in some way. 

Legal Stuff

OK, I’m very sorry, but I need to tell you about the boring stuff. You should be aware that all our blogs need to contain legal stuff: PrivacyPolicy, Terms of Use, Anti Spam Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, Earnings Disclaimer, and you must be GDPR Compliant to sell in Europe.

About Pauline

An ‘About Pauline’ page was the next task to be completed. I used this page to tell you some things about myself. Hopefully, you will find it interesting enough to want to get to know me better. I found telling people about myself was very difficult. I just didn’t know where to start or where to stop. I wrote pages and pages of stuff telling you my story from leaving school to finding the internet. None of it made sense, just words pouring out of my mind onto the page. I did quite a bit of cutting, and I am happy with the result. Maybe I will tell my full story another day, but I think my ‘About Pauline’ page is enough for now.

Until Next Time

Pauline Mac

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