Nothing Stays the Same

For those of you who are building either a brick and mortar business or an online business, an autoresponder is essential to send out emails to your customers and prospects.

Aweber is not the only autoresponder around, but it is a potent tool that can help you with your businesses in many ways. One of the tools that it provides us with is the ability to send out a series of emails to your clients or prospects in an efficient and timely manner.

If you have had your Aweber account since before February 3rd 2020 you would have had the choice of the two Aweber autoresponders: Follow Up Series or Campaigns.

Aweber Has Changed

If you created your account after February 3rd 2020, as I did, things are different. It seems that many of Aweber’s users were getting confused about which of the two autoresponders they should be using.

To simplify the experience for their customers, as from February 2020, AWeber now only offers one autoresponder to their new customers. The Follow Up Series has gone, and only Campaigns remains.

I am following a coaching program which still uses the prior version of AWeber, as do many of the students who are taking the course.

Unfortunately, because I opened my account after February 3rd 2020, it took me a little while before I realised what was going on.

The Follow Up Series Has Gone

When you go looking to create a Follow Up Series of emails, you will find that this option no longer exists. You now have to create your automated sequence of messages using the Campaigns feature.

Fortunately, Aweber gives an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on using  Campaigns. Following these instructions, I was able to set up a Campaign in no time.

I asked Aweber why they had chosen Campaigns over the Follow Up Series to be their primary autoresponder. AWeber informed me that the reason Campaigns was selected is that it has many advanced features, While still being easy to use.

Popular Features

Aweber mentioned three of the most popular features that are only available using Campaigns.

  • One list can contain multiple campaigns. These campaigns can run either individually or concurrently.
  • Targeted messages can be sent based on triggers.
  • It is easy to track customer engagement through Campaign automation.

I hope this post helped some of you who, like me, looked high and low for the elusive Follow Up Series.

Until next time

Pauline Mac


By the way, the reason I am researching this autoresponder is that I am using it on the course I am taking with John Thornhill.

 You can find more about the course here.


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