Are There Too Many Files on Your HardDrive?

Most computers, whether desktops or laptops contain ‘hard drives’. We use these to store our work or anything else we may download from the internet. These downloaded items are saved to your hard drive. You can then use them at your leisure.  I am also aware that some programs can be used directly from the online site. However, the majority will still need downloading to your computer’s hard drive.

A businessman is transferring files from his mobile to a very full hard drive.


Is your hard drive as full as the poor business man’s above? No!
Well until recently mine was.

I had downloaded so many programs and PLR, that recently my poor laptop cried out for help. Its hard drive was overflowing; because of this, it could hardly function.

I obtained an external storage device and transferred out many of the stored items from my laptop. My mistake, files were copied NOT MOVED from one place to the other. This was a big surprise as I thought I was deleting them from the hard drive. So, I had to go back and delete them from the hard drive. Job well done. Yeah!

Oh No It Wasn’t

The laptop’s drive was still full?  I had moved files to the external drive and deleted them from the laptop. So what had I done wrong?

Then it hit me, and I could have cried.  Another mistake, although these files were deleted, they were still on the hard drive but in the bl**dy trash. So a word of warning; never forget to empty your trash So a word of warning;

Never Forget To Empty your Trash.

What Are All These Files?

I honestly don’t know what most of the files are.  When I went through my purchase history, I was amazed at what I had bought over the years. Some of those purchases were no longer available; the links went to unavailable pages. That is something I must remember when I buy anything in the future. They should be downloaded straight away just in case I lose them.

I Am Now A Reformed Freebie Downloader. Until The Next Time.

I don’t’ even recognise some of these files. I think they were probably free or promised they would make me rich.

I won’t buy any more programs unless I know for definite what I shall be doing with it—the same with PLR articles and documents. I have so many different niche PLR that I shall probably never make any use of most of them.

My advice to any of you who are newly setting out online or setting up a blog is this: don’t download freebies or programs that you are not planning to use soon.

Until Next Time

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