Have you heard the saying it’s all in the list? Well how about, it’s all in the smile? I say this because I was very conscious of my smile. I hated it. I felt that when I smiled, it drew too much attention to my teeth which could have been better. Straighter. Whiter. Do you get the picture?

In fact, the reason I haven’t posted for a while is that I’ve been having a lot of dental work done and I didn’t feel up to writing blog posts or even keeping up with my coaching course.

The work started before lockdown here in the UK. During the lockdown, my face was at its worse with all the bruises. Those bruises took many weeks to disappear. As we came out of lockdown, the treatment started again.  No bruising this time, just an achy jaw.

When it comes to dental work of any kind, I’m a real big baby. It’s a terror that I have carried with me since childhood. I’m very sure that you can relate to my fear.

My dentist, KK, was very kind and did everything he could to put me at ease and make things better for me. Anyway, the good news is, I don’t have to see him for another couple of months, even if he is charming.

Thank Goodness for that.


Towards My Future

Now I am ready to get back on course with John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program.  I haven’t got very far with it over the last few months, but I am eager to get back to it.

I have booked a strategy video call with John for this coming Tuesday. I’m positive that after the call, I will have tons of motivation to carry me onwards.

To Find out more about John’s Great Coaching Course, click HERE.

My Thoughts Are With You.
Until Next Time

    4 replies to "It’s All in the Smile"

    • Marlene Roberson

      Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see that smile!

      Good luck with the course, John & Randy are great and I’m looking forward to your first product launch.

      • Pauline

        Thank you for visiting Marlene.
        I agree that John and Randy are great. They are very helpful when you need it.
        As for my smile. Treatment due to be finished in the New Year. It’s been a long drag.

    • Helen

      Love it, want to see your lovely gnashers when you’re all done!

      • Pauline

        Hi Helen, I have a few more treatments to go throught yet.
        Hoping it will all be over with by the New Year.
        Every time we get locked down because of Covid 19 my appointments get cancelled.
        Fingers Crossed everything will go ahead as promised.

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