The Beginning

It was during my late twenties and early thirties that, I realized if I lost my current employment, I wouldn’t be able to get an interview for a similar position. Most of the employers at that time required a minimum number of GCE’s (General Certificate of Education) before they would even look at you. I had left school at fifteen years’ old without a qualification to my name. So I knew I had to find a way to achieve these qualifications. My solution was to go to night classes. I did this for the next five to six years and ended up with my desired results; English language, English Literature, Mathematics, Computer Studies and Accounting. I was so proud of myself.


I will treat my online journey in the same way as I did all those years ago to achieve my goals. At the moment, during this course, I am taking baby steps and being led by the hand. I do need this at present, but soon I will be able to increase my speed and travel further along the road. I would like you all to be my companions along the way.

I love this course.
I spent the first four days of the course working on setting up my new blog. I achieved this in a step by step fashion that I was able to follow quite easily from the training videos.
The first couple of days have taken me through choosing a domain name and a hosting company for my website.

Domain Name

It is imperative, if you can, to have a domain name that reflects who you are. The advice given by John is to buy a domain name that contains your name. In this way, people will be able to find your website much quicker than if you choose a domain name that does not include your name. I was fortunate in that I managed to find a domain name that contained my name. My maiden name was Pauline McGowan, often shortened to Pauline Mac or Polly Mac. Unfortunately, Polly Mac was not available, so I settled for Pauline Mac, i.e.


I purchased and registered my domain name from D9, which is also my hosting company. I chose this particular hosting company because I have used them in a previous online life and found they were accommodating. No matter the issue, they would advise you on the way forward. So I have now completed some of the requirements for my blog. It’s now time to grow this blog.

To join me on this journey, click here.

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